Beautiful Brown Story

Beautiful Brown Story at The LUVAZ PIK!Beautiful Brown Story

Special promotion for 3 beautiful fashion tones:
• Natural Brown (Chestnut & Natural)
• Candy Brown (Pink, Violet, Red)
• Cloudy Brown (Navy, Matte, Ash)

Enjoy our promotions:
• 35% off For Color/Highlight/Fashion Color Services for The Luvaz Privilege Deposit Member. (Payment must be by The Luvaz Get Pay Deposit)
• 25% off For Color/Highlight/Fashion Color Services for The Luvaz Member.
• 10% off for all Home Care products purchase during the promotion
• Free Gift: Color Treated Shampoo & Conditioner (1 of each)


- Valid in 1 Location(s)
- Valid until 30 September 2019


  • Berlaku di The LUVAZ cabang PIK Avenue
  • Berlaku 1 - 30 September 2019
  • Berlaku hari Senin - Jumat
  • Promo:
    • Diskon 35% Color/Highlight/Fashion Color Services berlaku untuk The Luvaz Privilege Deposit Member, pembayaran menggunakan The Luvaz Get Pay Deposit
    • DIskon 25% Color/Highlight/Fashion Color Services untuk The Luvaz Member.
    • Diskon 10% untuk semua Home Care products purchase
    • Free gift (Shampoo & Conditioner) satu untuk setiap transaksi selama persediaan masih ada


No requirement(s) or card(s) needed to get this promo.

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